In the laboratory we will use a combination of gut microbiota analyses, microbiota transplantations (FMT), state-of-the-art ex vivo mucus measurements, antimicrobial assays, as well as confocal and fluorescence microscopy. In addition, we will use dietary interventions in mice and humans and closely work with Norrlands University Hospital Umeå (NUS) to analyze relevant patient samples.

In addition to the specific requirements below, we are looking for self-motivated team members with strong interpersonal skills. Interested candidates, please consider the following open positions in the Schroeder lab:

Undergraduate students (Bachelor-/ Master level)

We are constantly looking for highly motivated and talented undergraduate students that are curious about the interaction between diet, gut microbiota and the intestinal mucosal immune system. Students that are interested in joining the lab (ideally more than 3 months), please contact Björn for more information and include a short letter of motivation (max 1 A4 page, including prior research experience), a CV and up to two reference contacts to enquire about opportunities in the lab.

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